Me with Eli and Bridey

14th Feb. 2011
Hi, my name is Linde, I am in my early 50’s born and raised in NZ, met and married an Australian (Ian) whilst on over here on holiday. After living in a couple of different places here on the Sunshine Coast setting up Nurseries then selling out in 2001 we now live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland on acreage.  We do lots of gardening which we love, travel and we like to visit our grown children Josh who is married to Marietjie… I’m her partner in crime (wedding, portrait photography) they live in Toowoomba. Our daughter Juanita and her husband Randal live on the land west of Ipswich. They have two beautiful children Eli 5yrs and Bridey 2yrs (sure to feature lots!)…our only grandchildren to date!! And our youngest is Abram who for the last 2 years has been working in South Korea teaching English, he intends staying for a couple more years yet.

I first started to photograph with black and white film on a very old SLR canon in my twenties, setting up my first darkroom in my laundry. After the children were a bit older in my late thirties I started a 4 yr part time intensive photography course receiving a Diploma of Photography. I have always had a very keen interest in many artforms and lean towards ‘artistic photography’ which has and still is evolving for me.

I have been doing wedding and portraiture photography part-time for around 14yrs now, however,  I have had a break for a couple of years from doing weddings except late last year (2010) I second shot 4 weddings with a photographer in Brisbane. My daughter inlaw Marietjie, after coming here to live in Australia has recently set up a photography business, so she asked if I would come on board and help her and I said I would. I love the whole process of the photography shoot, dealing with people, arranging staged poses and capturing those beautiful candid moments . I love the post editing as well, it is very important to me that I first start with a quality image and then finish it with an arty edge. I love textured, colour toned, black & white and vintage images to name but a few.

I hope you enjoy my ‘photography art’ as I to love to look at other photographers work and be inspired.